EDA Activities
Eritrean Disabled Veterans

EDA supports and provides vocational
training to disabled war veterans who
were incapacitated during Eritrea's
30 years of war for independence.
All the men and women who in their
young age devoted their lives to
the liberation of their beloved
country have brought Eritrean

In the long and bitter-armed
struggle waged for thirty years,
tens of thousands have paid their
dear lives, and thousands more
have sustained light and heavy
wounds. Some are now living
with serious physical disabilities
at the Eritrean war veteran center
in Kassala, Sudan.

After thirty years of armed struggle
that achieved national independence,
you might think the government has established well organized institutions with efficient services providing all the
necessary benefits for Eritrea's most disabled war veterans. They deserved better living conditions, rehabilitation and
training to be able to fully function and fully regain their dignity.  Unfortunately, this has not happened.

The Association of Disabled Eritreans (ADE), officially registered in France, has been providing assistance for the
disabled and their families. The assistance provided include living and medical expenses out of the budget that the ADE
raises from donor agencies. The sister organization, Eritrean Democratic Association (EDA), has been supporting this
veterans’ center by organizing fundraising events. In every event, generous donations were collected from Eritrean
and American donors and sent to the Center to help improve their living conditions.

EDA plans to elevate its capability and continue to support the center. These veterans have the right to live in the very
country they paid their lives to liberate and be provided with material and medical services. The dictatorial regime in
power has failed to support them.

EDA calls on the public to make generous donations to assist the disabled veterans.
Veterans who sustained injuries causing paralysis and loss of limbs, sight and